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Does anal sex have long term health effects?
If you have receptive anal intercourse on a regular basis, say approximately 10-15 times per year, does it cause anal/rectal problems later in life, say maybe incontinence? I'm not talking about extreme insertion, just anal sex with a regular penis.
No. The anus is a muscle like any other and returns to it's original size and shape within a short period of time after having sex. You could have anal sex everyday and it will not cause any long term health effects.
A gross question but.....can extreme anal......?
Like those pornos that show girls having their butt's ripped up and stretched to extreme measures.....can that actually harm those muscles that hold in your poop? I heard it does...is this true? How unhealthy is that extreme anal sex?
anal sex is horrible, not only because its nasty and painful but STD's are actually made when you do it. That is why it is illegal to have anal sex if u are under 18 or not married ( im not lieing look it up )
How does one have deep gay anal sex if they can only take about 5 inches before extreme pain.?
Im a gay bottom (and a virgin) and the idea of getting anal turns me on so much. I have experimented before wiht different makeshift toys and the feel of being penetrated isnt bad anymore. And I can get use to the width of an object just fine at my entry way. But my problem is depth. I recently got another makeshift toy (thats a good 10 inches) but is incredibly thin (just an inch in width, not circumference) hoping i could gradually see how deep I could receive. It seems after 5 inches I have horrible pain and it feels like i am coming up to an unpassable wall (like an organic intestinal wall no feces). I have tried twisting the toy and pushing it in at all sorts of various angles and nothing. Just extreme horrible pain and the fear I am going to to hurt myself tot the degree of winding up in the ER. Im not actually trying to take a 10 inch toy but my BF's penis is around 6.5-7.5 inches and I am trying to prepare myself for him when it does come time to lose my virginity. DOes anyone have tips to increase the depth of what I can take without injuring myself. Also is this not a wall but a curve i just have to ease my way into and get used too? If so how shoudl i do that without rupturing something (ITS SO PAINFUL) and what angle do I take I tried matching a diagram I saw and that didnt work. Im thinking about just giving up on anal all together or finding a BF witha small penis lol.
you could tr and get some numbing cream. they do make it for that purpose at the sex shop
[Kinda Gross] EXTREME anal pain when pooping?
Ok I have been having an extremely hard time pooping, my poops are solid as a rock and VERY wide I think like half my fist, I dont know why!! I have aloot of blood when i poop and I cringe at the thought of needing the bathroom I cry everytime i go it feels like everything is ripping and its not comfortable at all. I have tried stool softeners, laxatives and even eating TONS of fiber, nothing is working and my dr is very discriminatory he wont do anything because I just had a baby and im "fat" to him, he told me to lose weight then worry about my problems.

but someone pleaassse help me, my butt cant take any more of this
and no ive never had anal sex. and never will.
If I were you, I'd seek to be examined by another Dr. that understands the psycho-physical effects of your problems, which are probably diverticulosis and internal hemorrhoids, partially related to guy birth. You may have developed laxative dependency and a related vitamin/iron deficiency. You probably do need to start losing weight, but for now, don't wait to try to end your suffering, which raises abnormal stress responses. And do increase your daily fluid intake.
Just wondering?? about anal sex and porn stars?
Porn has been getting heavier and heavier. I have a friend who works for Combat Zone ( a porn production company). When i see her around, she told me to check out her movies and pictures in a website. She also told me that 4 guys had sex with her at the same time. 4 guys? I know vaginally, anally and orally but where else? so 1 penis left right? so i asked her, this and she laughed and told me that i am very innocent. I don't think i am inoocent but i just don't get it. ( i have a very satisfying sex life so i thought to myself why do i need porn). Then she told me that she stuck 2 penises inside her anal. Am i wrong to be confused and find that is a little extreme and impossible?is she telling the truth or she is just fooling with me?
As tastes get more extreme this sort of thing is happening. The women who do it are either nagged into doing it, high as a kite or just foolish. Having an anus pounded like that will bring problems down the line.
Do you think my girlfriends craving for anal sex is getting too intense?
my girlfriend and i love anal intercourse and only have bin doing anal intercourse for a few months now.Now she is telling me that my genital is getting a little unpleasurable for her.She said she wants to buy this sex toy that i saw videos of women using them and i thought it looked too extreme for her to be using it.It looks like a balloon that you pump with your hand while the object is penetrated into the vagina or rectum of the person.I told her that it looks too dangerous but she told me it is not.Do you know if this is dangerous or not?It kinda freaked me out watching the women use it on the videos...
Your girlfriend is a shameless pervert! .. so make sure you keep her happy.

It's not dangerous but tell her to buy a good quality one, the cheap ones last about 5 minutes. Titan make good ones.
Is Anal Sex common in the US?
I wonder, is annal and or oral sex commmon in the US for an average couple? Even if the are conservative, do you thin they try it? I wonder if this is very common or only for those very extreme?
depends on who you ask.there are many that do and say they don't
Do your fantasies get more extreme the more you masturbate?
mine do.

i find myself envisioning things that i never thought i would enjoy in real life (ie. urination, anal sex, mild bondage, group sex, etc)

im a 20 yo bi female.
bondage does it for me
Around what age do guyren become interested in porn?
I have a little brother, he's 11, about to turn 12 in December. He's always had gay tendencies, but it wasn't until now that they became obvious and flamboyant. Recently I took his lap top home to add a few things to it since his internet privileges have been suspended. I made a quick joke that if he was looking at porn, I would know. He hesitated and asked "How?" rather than saying "I haven't been."
So upon arriving home, I took a quick glance at his browsing history to find such things as:
Gay Live Sex - Gay LiveSex Shows - CameraBoys
Guy shows off gaping pumped *** lips
Extremetube Free extreme anal sex porn tube
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I'm somewhat concerned. I understand that guyren become curious around that age, but I also feel he is a bit too young. So I was wondering, when did YOU (the reader) start looking at, or becoming interested in porn? I want insight from male, female, straight, gay. Everyone!
I started when I noticed my grampas Playboy stash. I guess I was about 5. Then again, I wasn't REAL interested in his stash of Playboys until I was about 12. He then pretty much lost his stash b/c I stole it and hid it.
Are Christians forgetting that Marital Sodomy violates the Levitical Laws?
I was flipping the channels the other day and came up on an episode of real sex on hbo and noticed they where having a workshop for couples whom wanted to have anal sex. The females put on strap on dildos and had anal sex with their husbands. Doesn't this violate the levitical laws of sodomy. Or are some taking sex within a marriage to the extreme?
Leviticus has a lot of laws that Christians violate; planting two kinds of seed in the same field, wearing a 50% cotton 50% polyester shirt and eating lobsters, for example. The Christians I know say that Jesus revised the religion. Many of them will pick verses in Leviticus that reinforce their own view, and ignore the others. Red Lobster, for instance, is an entire chain of restaurants built in defiance of Leviticus 11:

"9": These shall ye eat of all that are in the waters: whatsoever hath fins and scales in the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers, them shall ye eat.

"10": And all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the waters, they shall be an abomination unto you:

"11": They shall be even an abomination unto you; ye shall not eat of their flesh, but ye shall have their carcases in abomination.

It says not to eat bats, too, which is pretty darn moot, to my mind. Leviticus lumps bats in with birds.

Strap-on anal sex is pretty extreme, but, if you ignore Leviticus enough to allow people to wear underwear made of two fabrics (cotton and elastic, for example), you have to allow strap-ons. You don't have to practice it yourself, of course. I don't eat bats, nor do I do strap-on. I do wear cotton underwear with an elastic waist band.

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